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Space and Sci Fi Scenes

Subscribe today to start watching the finest films in Space and Sci-fi Scenes. Videos is space, time, technology, sci-fi, planets, stars, suns, philosophy, religion as well as cool graphics and sparkly effects. Come see what is in store for the future.

HUD FUI Infographics

Subscribe today to start watching the finest films in HUD, FUI, and Infographics. From the vault a collection of Brandon's large selection of FUI HUD Videos worth hundreds of dollars in one low suscription price.

Video Game Environments & Sexy 3D Characters

Subscribe today to start watching exclusive content, only available here in Video Game Environments & Sexy 3D Characters. From Mobile Games to AAA Games, the content keeps streaming. From Enviornments to characters come see what Brandon's doing in the next ten years in the video game industry

Motion Graphics and VFX

Like a little Motion Graphics and VFX? We got you covered. From all the industry wide software where you've seen it before. We dive into cinema 4D like it's 1999, and After Effects like its 2999.

Tutorials & How It's Made

The source for the most prestigious tutorials on the internet. This is where it's all at, the In-The-Making of all the videos and art. This is wear Brandon's art shines. He goes over all the techniques and workflows in his arsenal and tools in his workbench.

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